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6 thoughts on “Contact Me

  1. Hi there:
    I just started the process of blogging on this site and am waiting for my authorization e-mail. I noticed your “Monkey Bread” and am an avid cook, so I checked it out. It looks great and I will try it (but will substitute stevia for sugar and see how it goes).

    You asked for input on others’ traditions…here’s one of mine I really enjoy, and recently shared with friends, as my birthday was just last month.

    I love brunches and every birthday (it started there for me) or special occasion I choose, I start my day off with a celebratory brunch. It is DELICIOUS and goes like this:


    A sparkling wine/champagne of your choice (non-alcoholic if preferred)
    Fresh multigrain bagels (12-grain, heavier type preferred)
    Cream cheese
    Orange juice
    Blueberries (fresh or frozen)
    Stevia (or sugar or honey)


    If you have time, prepare the cream cheese and blueberries the night before and let it sit overnight in the fridge. Take a package of cream cheese and a cup of blueberries and mash them together by hand (machines make it too mushy), adding as much sweetener of your choice as you prefer. The cream cheese should be quite purple and there should be little pieces of blueberry dotted throughout it. Refrigerate overnight in a closed container.

    In the morning of your special day (I’m not a morning person so this would be sometime between 10:00 and noon for me), toast as many bagels as you need, depending on how many people you’re serving. While they’re toasting, pour 3/4 glass of champagne into chilled flutes, and add O.J. to top it off.

    Finally, butter the bagels and spread on a thick layer of blueberry cream cheese while the bagels are still hot. Take a large bite, followed by a sip of your champagne with OJ. You will not believe the party in your mouth that will happen…this is best done on a completely fresh palate, before you’ve eaten anything at all that day.

    Let me know if you try this and like it…I LOVE IT!


    • Unfortunately I don’t have blueberries here in Peru 😦 Definitely something that I miss. But, I will put this away in my memory banks and will try this when I get back to the US.

  2. Hey, i love this website, I’m living at about 12000 ft as well in Hauncayo Peru… I totally understand the total joy that come when your cakes and cookies don’t deflate 🙂 i have been trying to find a high altitude recipe for chocolate chip cookies with no luck so far 😛

    • Kia! I am sorry for not replying anytime sooner. Things have been hectac here in Puno and work has been, well , my life. But I just wanted to sympathize! We have not been able to get a good chocolate chip cookie either. Mainly, we use the bag mix, and they just turn into flat rounds of gooey’ness, which honestly tastes fantastic also. But, I do miss a nice crunchy Betty Crocker style cookie. Keep trying, and if you find the answer let me know!

  3. Hi! Thanks for posting your altitude recipes. I live in La Paz and I am always looking for successses. Are all your recipes altitude safe?

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