About THK

I’m Trevor and I love to bake.  Ever since I was a kid I was always intrigued by what my mom was doing in the kitchen.  I have plenty of memories watching her force her 1960’s mixer into submission.  There were times that I tried to bake on my own as a kid… and they never were good and actually ended up getting me banned from the kitchen by my mother.

Living in Peru has actually peaked my interest in baking even more.  I am practically stuck in a perpetual state of nostalgia being so far from home.  Yea, that means I’m far from any Wal*Mart, King’s Soopers, Giant Eagle, or anything you might consider a convenience store.  Sadly, what my market place consists of is the furthest away from the definition of convenient as we know it.  So, I’m spurred on by my homesickness to try to create, as close as possible, smells and tastes from home in my Peruvian kitchen.

So, why is this blog called “The Handicapped Kitchen?”

If your kitchen is 80 square feet and you’re using your metal water bottle as a rolling pin, then you hardly need an explanation.  If you have exactly the opposite of that, you do not have my kitchen.  Basically, my kitchen is small and I’m limited to ingredients and tools.  The hand-mixer in the house is so pathetic it throws sparks just creaming softened butter.  But, learning to bake in my slightly unhandy kitchen is making me a more creative baker!

But, it’s not only my kitchen that’s handicapped… I also have a handicapped studio

The greatest law that Jesus gave us is to love Him, then He says the second greatest is much like the first, to love one another (Matthew 22:37-40).  I see food and love hand in hand.  So, I hope you join me in my food and love discoveries.  Hopefully, something you read here will help you in your kitchens too.


22 thoughts on “About THK

  1. Yes! It *does* bring people together! Few things give as much satisfaction as preparing good food, and as any mother can testify – it is life-giving.

  2. Saw your blog on my WordPress dashboard. Since I am a fellow food-blogger (cookingfromthegroundup.com), I clicked! Keep blogging! The recipes sound great and I’ll file them away for fall since apples are short around here in the spring! Stop by my blog and tell me what you think!!

  3. I agree that food is a way to show love. I come from a culture where a guest to your home must always be offered something to eat, even if it is only a small cookie. For many cultures, sampling and accepting their offerings of food to share is accepting them. I too have a small kitchen so you have my sympathies! You should post some Peruvian desserts or dishes that you are learning to cook.

    • “You should post some Peruvian desserts or dishes that you are learning to cook.”

      I’m glad you mention it. That’s exactly something that I wanted to do. In fact, I just ran into something tonight that I am going to get the recipe for 🙂

  4. I was so excited to read a baking blog from somebody who lived in Peru! I moved to Cusco a couple of years ago and all my baking skills went back to zero!!! I’ll make your chocolate chip cookies.. . Any cake recipe? Thanks

  5. I remember when a host family in Peru tried to make me feel comfortable by buying American food like Corn Flakes. Thanksgiving came around that time too, but alas no turkey. So we settled for chicken (no cui this time) with potatoes with gravy and a corn casserole and a pie.
    A favorite recipe I picked up to make at home was aji de gallina. My family wasn’t sure what to make of it. They said it was sort of like a spicier version of cream chicken or chicken a la king.

    • Oh man! Aji de gallina was a huge favorite of mine! That and locro de zapallo. Solo good! I’m glad that you had a family that wanted to help you feel a bit at home during your time in Peru. That makes your time with them so much more special. So awesome. Thanks for commenting.

  6. Hello from Cuenca, Ecuador! I only live at 8000 feet but have some of the same kitchen challenges (no supplies, crappy oven, not even baking soda- illegal in Ecuador) so when you post a recipe, I know that it will work!
    Thank you for adding a way to include my cultural traditions to our seco de pollo or cuy. My kids really like all the baked goods.

    • Alicia, that is so awesome!!! Thanks for dropping in and sharing. I am so glad that these recipes help bring some feelings of home for you. 🙂

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