Vanilla Kettle Corn

Youins up in Ohio, I hear, are getting quite a bit of snow!  How cold is it where you’re at?  I’m glad for you guys in Ohio though, with all your snow, even though I’m sure the majority of you are wishing to blow-torch all the neighborhood snowmen for a winter genocide.  Interesting piece of random etymology, because I’m that dork, genocide was coined in 1944 in reference to the Haulocaust.  Genos is greek for “race, kind” and –cide is latin for “cutter, killer, slayer.”  Try to think of all the words you know that end in -cide like, suicide (L sui– “of oneself”) homicide (L homo– “man”), felicide (L feli- “cat”), or even canicide (L cani- “dog”).  So interesting!  But, highly morbid too, so let’s talk about food.

That’s right!  Homemade kettle corn.  Usually, things that are made at home are a lot healthier.  That’s not the case here.  It may not have preservatives, but it’s certainly no diabetic’s best friend.

Vanilla Kettle Corn

1/4 cup vegetable oil
1/4 cup white/brown sugar
1/2 cup unpopped popcorn kernels
1/2 tsp vanilla

Put the oil in a large pot and put it over medium heat.  Put two popcorn kernels in the oil.  Cover.  When they both pop you’ll know your oil is ready for the rest of the popcorn.

In a mixing bowl measure out the popcorn and sugar and vanilla, mix together.  When the two popcorn kernels pop, dump in the sugar, vanilla popcorn mix.  You will want to keep the pan moving or your sugar may burn and stick to the bottom, believe me, you don’t want this to happen.  If you’re thinking I’m speaking from experience… you get a gold star.  Keep the pot moving.  Remove from heat when the popping slows to 2 or 3 per second.  When off heat continue to move until popping completely stops.  Put the popcorn immediately into a popcorn bowl.  Don’t taste it yet, it is extremely hot.

Delicious!  You may have to fool around with the heat and what-not to make it work best for you.  Give it a try!