Pill Bottle Cookies

A Very Merry Christmas to all my readers!  For two days I am planning on doing absolutely, 100% NADA!  It’s going to be amazing, and it’s going to go super fast too, which is too bad.  Good news about being at 12,000 feet is that it’s nice and cold and gives the atmosphere, at least, that it’s Christmas!

It felt good to sleep in as late as I did today (only 10 am), and now I’m sitting on the couch with my buddy Thomas as he plays with his NEW ARMY MEN!  Woooo!  He’s 4.  And he’s wearing a Spiderman Costume.  It’s perfect.

Yesterday, my day was spent under insurmountable stress.  Now, I wasn’t making the whole dinner, but I was making cookies, buns for dinner, and puff pastry (by scratch mind you) and also had to wrap presents and finish making the stockings!  I had the help of a faithful friend, Leon, who thank-goodness toughed out my Monica-like controlling behavior in the kitchen.  If you’ve watched Friends, you know what I mean.

One of my greatest Christmas gifts was that everything came out of the oven looking just as it should!  Nothing fell flat, nothing tasted odd, nothing was short of perfect!

These are my all-time favorite Christmas cookie.  They came to be known my my mouth by my sister’s sister-in-law.  Every year my sister hosts a Christmas Cookie Exchange and these were in said exchange.  So, when I got my hands on the name of these babies I was exstatic.  However, the recipe was not that easy to find online by the name.  I hope that people looking for these can find them easier via… here!

Pill Bottle Cookies

1 cup
butter, softened
1/3 cup heavy cream
2 cup flour
1/3 cup granulated sugar (for decoration)

1/4 cup butter (softened)
3/4 cup powdered sugar
1 tsp vanilla
1 yolk

Put the flour in a mixing bowl and cut in the butter.  It can be pretty coarsely cut, it doesn’t have to be extremely fine.  Then, mix in the heavy cream.  It’s so very little for the amount of dry ingredients that there is, or so it appears, but the butter will tie everything together, and you’ll be very surprised.

Put the dough in the fridge for an hour.

Preheat the oven to 375 degrees F as you pull the dough out of the fridge from it’s hour chilling time.  Lightly flour your countertop and roll your dough out to 1/8″ thickness.  Cut into 1 1/2″ rounds or… whatever size you want really!  I used an honest-to-goodness old pill bottle to cut out the rounds.

Put the granulated sugar into bowl or on a plate and coat the rounds on each size so they are covered in sugar.  I had to use a little bit of water on my finger to wet each round on each side to make sure the sugar would stick.  Then, place on a cookie sheet.  You can put them relatively close together, because they won’t spread out.

Bake for 7 to 9 minutes or until slightly puffed.  Let cool and then remove from the cookie sheet.  Once fully cool, make sandwiches with the filling.

Filling Instructions
Put the powdered sugar into a mixing bowl and cream together with the butter.  Then add the yolk and vanilla.  You can add food coloring if you like!

That’s it!  I know it’s a little late for you to make these for your annual Cookie Exchange but, maybe you can make them for New Years.  They are so delicious you will not regret it.  How are you passing your Christmas?  And what are you doing for New Years?

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24 thoughts on “Pill Bottle Cookies

  1. Oooo…these cookies look so pretty and sparkly – almost like christmas lights! ;) They look super yummy too. Hope you have the most magical, merry, wonderful Christmas!

    • Thanks Tia! You should give ‘em a try! Here in Peru it’s custom to make everything the color yellow as we enter the new year, so make ‘em yellow and call ‘em New Year Pill Bottle Cookies! :)

  2. These look adorable. I make them , calling thm Swedish wafer cookies, for Christmas and Easter (pastel food coloring) everyone loves them. I use a one inch round cookie cutter.

  3. I got so excitied when I saw these – a friend made them long ago and wouldn’t give me the recipe. They were exquisite for afternoon tea, but I never could figure out the recipe thru trial and error. Thanks!

    • What a little stinker! Ha! There’s only one recipe that I hold ransom and that’s only because my mom told me to, it’s a family secret recipe. I just like how it sounds, so that’s why I keep it.

      I’m glad that you can finally make these! They are so good, and shouldn’t be limited to only Christmas, but any occasion that deserves time sacrificed to make them!

  4. Did I miss something in this recipe? You’re telling people to use a raw egg yolk? I thought using raw eggs was a total no-no.

    • Hey Gretchen! I know, it doesn’t seem right, does it? The danger with raw egg, from what I’ve researched, isn’t from the actual raw egg, rather the salmonella is found on the egg shell. You just have to be careful about touching the egg and then the food etc., If you saw the eggs in Peru, where I made these cookies, you would maybe think twice about using the raw egg in the recipe because the eggs are DIRTY! However, in the US they are pretty clean. Also, it is VERY important to note that you will want to refrigerate these cookies to store them, because they have the raw egg in the cream. I have had no problem with eating these little guys, they are fantastically delicious!

      • Thanks for the reply. I think I will do them without the yolk, too many people I know would have a fit about the raw egg even with your explanation. Will let you know what happens.

  5. These look delish! Let’s say I used a pill bottle to cut te small cookie rounds, about how many little cookie sandwiches do you think approx from one batch? Trying to make these to impress co workers! ;)

    • You know, I can’t remember an exact number but it makes a TON of little guys when you use a pill bottle. The recipe typically says not to reuse the dough because the more you handle it the less flakey it becomes, just be careful not to over do remixing the dough for a second use. I’d say, though, you should get at least three dozen little cookies out of this recipe!

  6. These cookies freeze beautifully. I served them at my wedding reception, so I had to make several batches. These cookies are a family tradition. We can’t have a baby or bridal shower without them. We call them cream wafers. Why do you call them pill bottle cookies?

    • These cookies have tons of names. Shot glass cookies is another, actually. Both names pill bottle and shot glass cookies come from what is used to cut the cookies into their perfectly small round shapes. :)

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