Update and DSLR Giveaway

How unfortunate!  Mondays are my baking/THK creation day, but this Monday we had no running water in the house.  Sooooo, baking wasn’t an option.  Peru has a great reputation for never being reliable.  What’s that you say?  You need to get to work?  Well, I’m sorry.  There’s a strike today and you can’t get to work.  There’s broken glass all over the roads, so you couldn’t get there even if you had your own car.  Or what’s that?  Oh you’re hungry!  Well, everything’s closed because a local school is celebrating their anniversary and everyone is dancing in the streets.  SORRY!

Well, that’s really the worst of my bad news.  Thanksgiving was great, though I did get sick because I ate too much Sweet Potato Casserole.  We thankfully had turkey for dinner.  We were really nervous because we couldn’t find any ANYWHERE!  But, just two days before Thanksgiving we found one.

This is NOT my personal giveaway…

But, I’m sure what you’re really here for is this DSLR giveaway.  Again, I’m not personally giving away this camera.  I’m referring you to the folks over at  Photo Weekly.  Head over there to get more details.  The photo is linked above too.  The shindig ends on December 31, 2011… BUT it only works if they’re Twitter account gets up to 5000 followers!  So, you have to have to HAVE TO follow these guys on Twitter or we’re all left twiddling our thumbs!  OKAY!  Now, GO GO GO!  Let’s make this happen!  And tell everyone you know!

Other than that… how was your Thanksgiving?


2 thoughts on “Update and DSLR Giveaway

    • Lots and lots and lots! But, none of them get me out of work. We just have to work around them. Haha, and the water… oh the water… we are used to it now, but at first I did just as you said.

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