Like Me On Facebook!

Hey THKers!

Come and like me on Facebook!  I mean, that doesn’t mean you have to marry me, but if it’s your goal to have a man in the house who likes to bake delicious sweets, cleans the house when he’s bored and likes to take long walks on the beach then maybe we were a match made in heaven.  If not, we can still be a match made on Facebook!

I wish I had some kind of cool prize to offer the first 100 people to like my page, but I live in Peru and the chances of something getting to your front door from here to there are slim to none, and honestly, if I have to bribe you to like my page then this was probably never love in the first place, right?  I mean, who are we kidding, you are only going to marry me because I bake!  Oh right, we’re talking about Facebook.  Nevermind!

Go here, and click “Like” just because you LOVE this site and want to get updates in your Newsfeed.


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