A Sorry Note

Woe is me!  I am a horrible blogger.  I have neglected for so long this blog.  I will tell you the truth that it was out of shear laziness.  Mondays are the only day that I can bake/take pictures/blog because all the other days are selfish and don’t let me do anything else but work.  That’s fine though, I like to work, but those other days need to learn to share.

Monday, being my day off, as turned sourly into a day of rest.  I say sourly because instead of doing other things I enjoy on Monday, I end up staying in my p.j.’s and feeling like poo because I’ve squandered my whole day off.  It would be better if I had two days off.  Then, one day could be my day of nothingness and the other a day I don’t have to do anything, but I can still do something.  That would be ideal, mais c’est la vie.

I have been studying French lately.  I’ve been using a Podcast called Coffee Break French by RadioLingua Network.  It’s pretty fantastic.  If you’re interested in learning French, I would suggest taking a gander.  Their Podcasts are also free on iTunes.

Again, I apologize for my laziness.  I’m excited to get back into THK, maybe not so tiring this time, though.  The clue for the next recipe is, it’s a fall twist on a French pastry!


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