Banana Foster On Toast

New cities are full of new adventure.  We just recently moved to a city in Peru called Puno.  It’s famous for it’s highest elevated navigable lake in the world with the modest name Lake Titicaca.  It’s pronounced as you would imagine.


Unpacking all my things I decided to put together a goodie box.  That is, all the candies and yummy things people have sent me over the past month or two.  Over the past two weeks we haven’t had our kitchen stuff unpacked and I’ve been delving a little too far into the goodie box.


So, the other day I decided I should probably eat something a little more healthier.  I consider, since I made it in my own kitchen, then it’s healthier.  Don’t ruin my fun.  Let me live in this lie.


I mean, hello-o! How can this not be healthy?


That’s our stove top!  Isn’t she high tech?!  Don’t be jealous.  Wipe that drool off your chin.

Banana Foster
(for one serving)
1 half banana
2 tbsp butter
2-3 tbsp brown sugar
1 tbsp milk
1 pinch salt
Bread for a toastin’!

Toast your bread and while it’s toasting get your banana ready.  Peel the half and cut into slices.  You can figure out whether you want thick or thin slices.  It’s a matter of taste.  I like to brown my bananas before I add the rest, so if you have a non-stick pan just throw your bananas in without any grease, or if you don’t have non-stick then use just a touch of butter or oil.

Let your banana’s brown and then add the butter.  Let the butter melt and then add the sugar sprinkled even over top the bananas.  Let the sugar melt and caramelize with the butter.  Then, add the milk and mix it in good, don’t just let it sit or it may just scold.  Nobody likes the taste of burnt milk.  Then add the pinch of salt.

It’s that easy!  Be careful though.  It stays hot for a while.  I have a nice burn on the roof of my mouth.



3 thoughts on “Banana Foster On Toast

  1. my friend Rhys used to make bananas foster for us a while back and i remember it took him forever to make….this recipe is quite simple! can’t wait to try it out…need to get bananas first!
    BTW, looking at your goodie box…i haven’t forgotten to send you those gushers. i promise i still have them waiting to be mailed…it’s just that i’ve been in a financial pinch lately. but i promise i’ll send them as soon as i can…along with more coffee. 😉

    • Jealousy! Oooo, I never thought my handicapped stove top would evoke jealousy! Good to know! Haha, thank you. If shipping from Peru wasn’t so expensive I’d say I could send one to you, in American currency it was only $40. Okay, I figured that math out in my head and even I am shocked.

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